General terms and conditions

Below are the General Terms and Conditions that apply to subscriptions at Fitnessclub Nederland.

1. A membership is established by acceptance by Fitnessclub Nederland of the registration form it uses.

2. Membership is valid for a period of 3 months or 1 year depending on the chosen subscription period and is automatically tacitly renewed.

3. Temporary termination of your membership is only possible for an annual subscription. Members with a 3-month subscription can convert their membership to an annual subscription free of charge if they wish to make use of a temporary stop. The maximum duration of a temporary stop is 6 months. In the Fitnessclub Netherlands app you can submit a temporary stop.

4. An annual subscription changes to an unlimited membership after 12 paid months with a notice period of 1 month. The right to the temporary stop thereby automatically expires. To maintain this right, after 12 paid months, the member can purchase another annual subscription. The conditions mentioned under point 3 then apply again.

5. Unless cancelled in time, membership is tacitly renewed. Cancellation can only be done in writing. The notice period is 30 days. This also applies to any add-ons to the subscription. During a temporary stop a membership cannot be permanently terminated.

6. Membership is strictly personal.

7. With due observance of the applicable opening hours, membership entitles you to once a week or unlimited use of the facilities associated with the subscription.

8. Misconduct of the member, including non-payment, entitles Fitnessclub Nederland to deny the member access. Also in this situation compensation is excluded.

9. The membership fee should be payed in advance by direct debit. Other methods of payment are negotiable, but will involve extra costs for the member.

10. For the duration of an ongoing subscription, the amount of the membership fee is not subject to change, unless the increase is the consequence of a change in the VAT rate and/or annual indexation.

11. If the contribution cannot be collected and the amount is reversed, Fitnessclub Nederland will automatically contact the member by e-mail by sending an iDEAL link.

12. The registration fee is € 25,-.

13. The terms of delivery of NL Actief are used, these can be read at

14. The member uses the facilities at his/her own risk. Except for a situation in which Fitnessclub Nederland can be blamed for intent or gross negligence, Fitnessclub Nederland will not be held liable for the harmful consequences of injuries the member may incur while using its membership.

15. Neither is Fitnessclub Nederland liable for damage or theft of property of the member while using the membership.

16. Fitnessclub Nederland has house rules in its facility, including the regular opening hours. These house rules are part of the subscription and are easily accessible in the establishment presented. The member is obliged to comply with these house rules. If necessary, the member actively inquires about the house rules with the fitness instructors.

17. Sport is allowed in the gym from the age of 14. Up to 16 years of age this is under adult supervision.

18. Fitnessclub Nederland may make interim changes to the facilities offered, class schedules, programs and opening hours. This will be announced at least 4 weeks in advance.

19. Each member is deemed to be aware of the fact that his/her personal data will be included in the records of Fitnessclub Nederland. However, Fitnessclub Nederland undertakes not to disclose these data to third parties, except in the case of a legal obligation incumbent upon it.

20. Each member should be aware that Fitnessclub Nederland applies camera surveillance in its facility.